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Our team of highly training locksmiths at Locksmith Service Bethesda MD has been providing the highest quality locksmith service to businesses in Bethesda, MD for many years, earning a reputation for excellent work, speed and professionalism. From basic lock and key services to high-end consulting for complex security installations, we can help you with your access management and safety issues.

Our mobile locksmith fleet of fully equipped vans saves you time and money. We come to your business with all the equipment and materials needed to complete the job right on your site., with no wating or wasting rime at all.

We have the training and experience to work with security specialists, business owners and company leaders in every type of industry. We listen, analyze your current setup, list your vulnerabilities and create a strategy that will keep your buildings and property safe and secure from intruders. We can help with a wide range of businesses, including:

Locksmith Service Bethesda MD Bethesda, MD 301-857-0112

  • IT companies
  • Shopping complexes
  • Entertainment centers
  • Med-care centers
  • Business outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Finance firms
  • Retail businesses
  • Residential Apartments
  • Eateries/Restaurants/Cafes
  • Academic institutions
  • Hotels / Resorts / Motels /

And more

At Locksmith Service Bethesda MD, our team of professionals has collected years of experience. We can provide high level consulting for your access management and security concerns. We have the hands-on knowledge to design a multifaceted approach to security and access that is tailored to the needs of your business.

At Locksmith Service Bethesda MD , our trained technicians follow the highest standards and are trained in the latest advances in the field of security. We can draw on long experience and training to suggest the best approach, whether it’s an advanced locking system to control access to sensitive areas or a keyway system to limit access. You are assured that you have total control over who gets in and who stays out.

We are experts at master key systems at Locksmith Service Bethesda MD. Using this approach, you can let trusted personnel have access to essential areas without at the same time exposing sensitive areas to outside visibility. We can customize each door in a hotel, office or other type of high-density building, within one day. You have the ability to control the level of access for each person and each door. This also includes sub-master keys.

At Locksmith Service Bethesda MD, we can install electronic locks that use access keys that can be changed at will. You no longer have to worry when an employee loses a door key. You always have complete control over who is allowed entry to your restricted areas by providing access codes to desired individuals.

At Locksmith Service Bethesda MD, we know both traditional locksmith services and advanced methods. Using them together, we have the ability to recommend a multilayered system for your security issues.  We have the know-how and the equipment to give you the security system you need. Your assets stay safe and you enjoy peace of mind.

Highlights of our commercial services:

  • Solutions for commercial lockouts
  • Full suite of commercial locksmith services
  • Repairs on broken and malfunctioning locks
  • Change of outdated locks
  • Identification of security flaws
  • Rekeying of all types of locks
  • Installation of robust  high-security locks
  • Upgrades for old lock systems
  • Personalized locking solutions for businesses
  • Deployment of restricted keyway system
  • Installation of magnetic locks
  • Design of non-replicable high-security keys
  • Installation of safe /file cabinet/mailbox locks
  • Keypad locks for keyless entry
  • Coding of electronic locking systems
  • Key making, key cloning services
  • Development of master and surrogate keys
  • Unlock service for windows, safes, cabinets etc
  • Panic locks, push bars installation and repairs
  • Setting up of durable deadbolts