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There are certain instances where you realize you’ve done something completely senseless. Imagine losing your keys in the parking lot and not having a spare key anywhere! Horrific, isn’t it? Even if you get the door top open somehow, how can you be sure that the keys haven’t fallen into the wrong hands? Can’t imagine such distressing situations, can you? Here is what you should do. When you no longer are sure about your keys being in safe hands, whether it be a friend who turned into a foe or a strange vandal, all you need to do is to rekey your locks. Call Locksmith Service Bethesda MD immediately to get the locks set right!

What is rekeying?

Locksmith Service Bethesda MD Bethesda, MD 301-857-0112The process of rekeying has got to do with making crucial changes inside the lock. The internal mechanism of the locks is removed and a whole new configuration is developed to fit the new set of keys/key. This in turn renders the old keys useless.

Advantages of rekeying locks:

Cost benefits:

The locks rekey procedure is absolutely inexpensive. For affordable costs, you can get your security system enhanced instead of going through the painstaking procedure of replacing the locks.

Rekeying enhances your current locks

If your lock had been slightly cranky earlier, then getting the locks rekeyed will ensure that the lock is lubricated. Once the locks are rekeyed, they tend to operate impeccably. But that does not mean your extremely damaged lock would work fine after the rekey procedure. A damaged lock calls for replacement of locks, whereas minor fault in the lock and other crucial situations can be fixed by merely rekeying the locks.

Rekey to master key system for better security

Apart from having the privilege to have a better security system in place, rekeying could also ensure that you have a refined security base. This is achieved if you rekey your old locks into a master key system. It is often done by commercial and other property owners for easy access and for enhanced security in a hierarchical system of the organization.

Being a resident in the Bethesda, MD area has made you fortunate! Call Locksmith Service Bethesda MD immediately at 301-857-0112 to get our rekey services.