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The vehicular industry realized the growing need for better security. This led to the revolutionary invention of transponder keys which were designed to act as the countermeasure against regular vehicular thefts. This eliminates all chances of your vehicle being hotwired, and undoubtedly, all the major car manufacturers have taken this into account and implemented it in the auto vehicle design.  

How does it work?

Every key has a microchip in the plastic portion of the key. This chip contains a unique serial number that disarms the immobilizer of the vehicle when the key is inserted into the ignition. When the key is inserted, the chip sends a signal to the car to validate the code. Only if the car recognizes the serial number, would the car kick start, if it doesn’t, the engine wouldn’t start at all.

Advanced anti-theft features

The use of such keys has reduced the cases of theft tenfold. This is because the conventional cars could be easily hotwired to be started, but on the other hand, transponder keys make it extremely difficult for the thieves to bypass the security. With greater demand for security, some of the manufacturers have designed new forms of these keys that come with rolling codes. These codes keep changing with every use; hence duplication of keys would be of no avail.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

Locksmith Service Bethesda MD Bethesda, MD 301-857-0112As the old saying goes that we must lose something in order to gain something better, the same goes with transponder keys too. We definitely laud the efforts of the vehicular and security industry for the creation of these keys. But that does not mean we would turn a blind eye to the disadvantages posed by it. If you lose it, replacements can be quite pricey. Only an expert can cut such type of keys and will also be capable of programming the chip. It takes a whole lot of labor and hence, the heavy price.

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